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About the EXPO and iwillnot


iwillnot is a DC based sticker artist, curator, and author.  He is the creator and curator of the DC Street Sticker EXPO series - a gallery installation of hundreds of thousands of indie and DIY Street Art stickers by over 1000 participating artists from more than 60 countries.  His first book "Smashed: The Art of the Sticker Combo" was a Best Seller and a #1 New Release in the highly competitive "Graffiti and Street Art" category.  His latest work UNSMASHED is a collection of over 1000 sticker designs, from more than 60 countries,  by the participating artists of the 5th EXPO.  "Smashed 2", the second book in the Smashed series, will include the 4th and 5th EXPO.  "Smashed 2" will be released Spring of 2021


The DC Street Sticker EXPO was started by iwillnot in 2013.  The latest show is at The Fridge Gallery DC from November 2020 through January 2021.   Built on the concept of sticker trading, iwillnot trades stickers with artists from all over the world to receive entries for the show.  After the entries are cataloged and sorted they are installed in a massive collage that completely covers the gallery.  The result is an immersive experience that allows the viewer to get lost in thousands of pieces of high impact art.   

Pictures of the installation can be seen HERE . 

Take a virtual tour of the installation HERE


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